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Saturday, May 30, 2009

bon appétit magazine - June 2009

COOKING LIFE/Salmon Gets Fraîche - A short, delicious recipe with a long, nostalgic history.

By Molly Wizenberg,
Photography by Elinor Carucci

My Father was a doctor by day , but in his off hours he was what some might call a little bit obsessed with fly fishing. When I was growing up, our house had two freezers: a modest one in the kitchen, stocked with ice cream and a few packs of frozen peas, and an imposing, jumbo-size model that stood in the garage. Humming like a swarm of bees. It held a few forgotten TV dinners, but for the most part, it was dedicated to one item only: salmon, entire sides of it, brought back from my father's annual fishing trip. Every summer, he and a couple of friends would pack up their rods and their waders, top off their flasks, and fly to Alaska in search of wild salmon. When he returned a week or so later, a box of loot came with him: the fish he had caught-cleaned and gutted and ready for the freezer -enough to feed our family of three until the following summer.

The centerpiece of my father's weekend wardrobe was a khaki fly-fisherman's vest, the kind with a million tiny pocket, and his bookshelves were thick with short stories about rivers and streams.

The rest of the story and Molly's recipe can be found in - bon appétit magazine - June 2009

Molly Wizenberg is the daughter of Society member Toni Wizenberg. Many of the Society members can identify with the nostalgic image that Molly creates of her father, Moe. He is now deceased. Moe was a long-time executive of the Majolica International Society.

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