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Monday, July 4, 2011

Christine VIENNET: from July 21 to September 04

The Dock South Gallery will receive a distinguished ceramist, Christine Viennet

Christine VIENNET: from July 21 to September 04

The aquatic world is her world, a world of tentacles that twisted, globular eyes fixing on us.

The hands of this talented ceramicist creates oceans of sea creatures, all output of its imaginative creator. 
Christine Viennet was born in Norway in 1947. After a passage to the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Oslo, she worked in two large ceramic Norwegians, Rolf Hansen and Bente von Krogh. Passionate about the work of the French Renaissance ceramics, Bernard Palissy, she creates with exuberance, vases, dishes, basins, sculptures of amphibians, reptiles, faunas and floras.

Today, it is committed in the novel creation of sculptures modelled in clay, stoneware and porcelain. There are abundant species in the colours light and varied under different enamels and glazes, a marine sanctuary having already conquered from major museums and international collectors.

This beautiful collection will be accompanied by the works of her husband Jean Viennet's pastels, drawings and crayons. In to this universe figurative and surprising menu: scallops, prawns, lobsters, dream bubble and Angel of Bouzigues.

Gallery DOCK SUD
2 quai Aspirant Herber
34200 SETE


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