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Monday, October 10, 2011


October 30, 2011, at 10:30AM - The Majolica International Society will open the doors to convention-goers for its 23rd annual MAJOLICA HEAVEN - Exhibition and Sale.

One hour later, at 11:30AM the doors will be open FREE to the general public.

The Convention and MAJOLICA HEAVEN headquarters are at the Radisson Plaza-Warwick Hotel, 220 South 17th St, Philadelphia PA 19103-6179, USA.This Victorian Majolica and Palissy ware exhibit and sale is presented by the foremost majolica dealers from around the world.

- Lisa Gaffney with Terramare
- Linda Ketterling with Linda Ketterling Antiques
- Jean Alonso Defrocourt and Philippe Meunier with Majolica and Barbotines
- Carmen Pattinson with Moorland Antiques
- David and Ben Tulk with Madelena Antiques
- Charles Washburne with Charles L. Washburne Antiques

See you there!

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